Fonix VoiceDial

Fonix VoiceDial (Treo 700w) 2.1

Voice dial by saying a contact's name or number

Fonix VoiceDial is a totally interactive, hands-free software application that enables mobile users to place calls with an easy-to-use speech interface (no complicated menus to scroll through). Users simply speak the number or name to call, and VoiceDial does the rest. It's that easy!

Best of all, there's no voice training required. VoiceDial puts the power of speech into phone dialing with minimal user demands - in the car, at home, in the office - anytime users want a better, safer and easier way to dial contacts.

Key features of Fonix VoiceDial include:

Accurate Speech Recognition

Even in noisy environments!

Intelligible Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Users may opt for intelligible TTS prompts or recorded prompts using their own voice

Your-Voice Confirmation

When dialing a contact, VoiceDial replays the users voice to confirm the correct contact. Users can also use their voice to access contacts on the device�s SIM card as well as from the contacts list

Continuous Dialing Response

When speaking a phone number to dial, users may speak at their usual speed and cadence. VoiceDial responds continuously - no pausing or waiting is necessary for each digit to be dialed separately

Unlimited Contact List Size

VoiceDial builds a database of all contacts. Users may easily download their entire Microsoft Outlook contact database to Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. The only limit to the number of names users may add or access is the amount of memory on the device

Customized Pronunciation

VoiceDial enables users to improve accuracy where needed or to add a nickname for a particular contact

Customizable Display

VoiceDial supports screen rotation (either Landscape or Portrait display) for added convenience. The user interface is scalable for optimal device screen size; and users can minimize the interface so it doesn�t obscure information on the screen

Fonix VoiceDial


Fonix VoiceDial (Treo 700w) 2.1